Life Coaching

What is it?

Life Coaching is a lot like having a personal trainer; You determine goals, create a clear action plan, track progress, and understand the best tools and methods to achieve those goals.

The only difference between a personal trainer and a life coach is what you're trying to achieve! A personal trainer helps you with your physical goals, while a life coach helps you with your career, relationship, or personal goals!

With our lifecoaching program you and Erin, our life coach, will determine these goals and help you implement clear action steps, providing you with both motivation, structure, and tools to help you reach success.

How Erin Created Her Life, Her Way

Today, Erin is a dedicated life coach and business owner of a multi-million dollar company, but it was not always this way. Much of her younger years were filled with waiting tables or working for somebody else. She even climbed the corporate ladder to the top, only to quit several years later after a life changing diagnosis.
At that moment she realized it was time to start living her life the way she wanted. This is how Life. Design Your Own began.

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Erin being my life coach has entirely changed my life! She helped me overcome the obstacles I was creating in my head. I am now living my passions and have never felt happier or more fulfilled.

Mark D.

I love my Manifestation Pad! As a busy working mom of 3 it helps me keep my days organized at the office and at home!

Amanda J.

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