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An upgrade from a cork board or chalk board, our Manifestation Boards are a great place to display your favorite things (photos, notes, inspirational quotes, ticket stubs, goals, cards, to-do lists, you name it.) They are a perfect addition to any kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, dorm room and make great gifts!

Utilize your board as a vision board to map out your goals, to display your favorite photos of family and friends, a message board, or even use it as a magnetic makeup board.


  • Boards are made from mild steel (.0375" thickness)
  • Boards are magnetic and can be used with any magnets
  • Each board is powder coated by hand
  • Boards are 15" x 15"
  • Each board is 2.2 lbs

Included with Board: 

  • 4 Pre-drilled holes in each corner
  • 2 Small magnets
  • 4 Nails for hanging

We apply powder coating by hand to each board, so color tones and streak patterns will vary slightly board to board. Powder coating offers a quality finish that holds up indoors and outdoors and will protect your piece from rusting over time.

Hanging Info: 
There are 4 pre-drilled holes in each corner of the board for hanging. We provide 4 nails for hanging. These nails are not intended for all wall types, you may need anchors and screws to hang safely. Boards can also be hung with mounting adhesives intended for 3 lbs. or more!