Designing Your Life- The Concept

The Concept 

Are you feeling like you are on autopilot in your life? Are your work and your play so uninspiring that you question every move and decision you have ever made, or will make? 

Hear me out for a second, what if I told you that each one of us as individuals can design our own life? Our choices, actions, thoughts, and our words can design the life that inspires us and motivates us to live a life of fulfillment, inspiration, and complete satisfaction. We don’t need a hefty bank account, the newest car, or the hottie down the hall., We need the confidence, the conditioning, and the results of making choices that serve and elevate us. 

This concept has proven to be a true statement in all that I do. For the past 15 years, I have consciously made intentional choices in my life that have designed my definition of my best life. I have not been handed a problem-free life, a large inheritance, or the perfect partner but because of the intentional choices that I made, and the thoughts and words that I intentionally choose, I have more blessings than problems, more gifts than bills, and more love than hate. I have designed my own life. 

I want to do an exercise with you. Close your eyes and envision going through your typical day. You may get up at 6:00 am, get ready for work, pack your lunch, and head to the office for your eight-hour shift. You are most likely on auto-pilot, not motivated, not excited, your day is just flat. You finish your day, come home and make dinner, brush your teeth, go to bed, and set the alarm just to do it all over again until the weekend. Now I want you to ask yourself if this is the kind of life you dreamed of. If your answer is “no”…WHY?? How did you get where you are? Why are you satisfied with living a life you aren’t in love with? A job, a partner, or a living situation that doesn’t fuel you or elevate you? When did you say to yourself “This is good enough”? 

What if there are no changes and you carry yourself through life flat? What does mediocre attract? Now, I am not saying that having a 9–5 job and a single-bedroom apartment is bad or mediocre, it is not. If your goal is a 9–5 job and a single-bedroom apartment, congratulations!!!! The danger is not realizing that we have it within ourselves to design our life. 


Look at what is not serving you, and what is missing in your life. What dream is not being pursued because of fear? Look within and realize that our actions, our thoughts, and our words got us where we are and if we need to pivot to make a change to design a better life it is going to take the same recipe with conscious work to get a good life. 


When our life is designed with intention, blessings, and gifts, gratitude becomes the norm. I am speaking from first-hand experience, there is no better gift than being in the driver's seat of a life that you have designed. 

Through this journey, I will share with you my life events. From a diagnosis of a depilating disease to becoming a life coach to starting and creating a multi-million dollar business, to marrying the love of my life, and to living in a constant state of gratitude. 

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